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Our Process

CoreBev creates innovative beverage brands by examining current market trends and looking ahead. We're constantly thinking about the next big alcohol movement and building upon that idea.

Our method has created over 15 beverage brands in the last 5 years, and we aren't done just yet. 


Our team starts by thoroughly examining the state of the beverage industry with a deep focus on the individual category in question. With access to top expert beverage insight, we evaluate competitors and create a concept that can stand out in a crowded marketplace. We then utilize a three-step formulation process for recipe development. 


Corebev partners with several third-party testing facilities with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure any formula created is shelf-stable and the absolute best it can be.


We pull apart our beverage concept and further develop it, breathing innovative ideas, flavors, and unique elements into the brand.


Branding and design is perhaps the most critical element in the success of a beverage brand. Our branding methodology consists of several proprietary processes that allow us to develop brands that stand out on the shelf. 


Social media. Website development. Street team activations. Digital ads. We cover all avenues of beverage marketing from start to finish, providing the full lifecycle needed for successful brand development and launch.


An extended network of distributors across the globe means we have access to scaling your brand for a long-term growth.

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