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CoreBev Commits to Going 99% Plastic-Free By 2026, 100% Carbon Neutral by 2030

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Press Release | September 30, 2022

Connecticut-based spirits producer CoreBev ( has announced plans to cut 99% of plastic use by 2026, as well as plans to be 100% carbon neutral by the end of 2030.

“This is a problem that we’ve been thinking about for a very long”, says CoreBev founder and CEO Stelios Stavrianos. “We’re looking at the impact we’re making on the environment and doing our best to limit what we can, including removing plastic elements from our products, as well as moving to electric-only vehicles in our delivery/sales ecosystem.”

Stavrianos says using a fleet of electric-only vehicles for sales representatives, as well as plans to utilize a partner with a logistics company that will provide North-to-South and East-to-West electric semi logistics will help them achieve this vision.

According to its founder, CoreBev is aggressively seeking alternative packaging solutions for it’s ready-to-drink line of canned cocktails - namely The Cocktail Chemist, Moonlight Barista, and Pasha’s – that use traditional aluminum cans. “Virtually all aluminum cans used for foods and liquids have a lining on the inside that are primarily plastic. Eliminating plastic altogether in our product lineup without a little bit of innovation on the packaging side would be incredibly difficult.”

Stavrianos claims that while there is no current technology that can simultaneously replace the recyclability of aluminum while maintaining the integrity of the can without plastic, the company is exploring other options and “constantly questioning whether we’re doing our best to be innovative.”

CoreBev Logistics Manager Jesse Gallo, who joined CoreBev in July of 2022, says “We are already coming up with creative ways to cut down on carbon emissions in delivering to our wholesale partners, namely through consolidated routes and cutting final mile fuel costs. As more and more Electric-based carriers become available, we will work them into our roadmap until we are able to achieve net zero emissions.”

In addition to removing plastics from its products, CoreBev will eliminate the use of plastic cups at events, which they say average in the hundreds per year. Instead of plastic, the company will opt for an in-house solution they developed to use 100% non-plastic renewable and reusable materials. “When we do tasting events at liquor stores or hand out any kind of samples at events, we typically use plastic. It’s cheap and easy but also doesn’t look very good. Going forward we are implementing a system we developed in-house where we can safely and rapidly rinse and re-use glassware on the go.”

The CoreBev team currently includes Stelios Stavrianos, Dimitrios Zahariadis, John Zachary, Anthony DiChiara, Wayne Hartunian, Jesse Gallo, Alyssa Halton, Jeff Spencer, and Jacqueline Marques.

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