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CoreBev Expands Portfolio With Strategic Acquisition Of Continuum Distilling

Press Release Feb. 14, 2024 at 8:50 pm

A table lined with spirit bottles and metal shot glasses
Continuum Distilling's Line of Eco-Friendly Spirits

Waterbury, CT – CoreBev, the Connecticut-based beverage company, today announced the acquisition of the eco-centric distillery, Continuum Distilling. This follows on the heels of a significant $1M Series A funding round, earmarked to fuel strategic expansions and acquisitions.

While the specifics of the deal remain private, the acquisition by CoreBev highlights an aggressive growth strategy, while doubling down on its pledge for environmentally responsible practices in spirit production. This move promises to scale Continuum’s distillation process, which turns craft beer byproducts into a line of premium spirits, minimizing waste and carving a path for innovation within the industry.

Stelios Stavrianos, the founder and CEO of CoreBev, commented, “Continuum Distilling is not just another addition to our portfolio, but more of a strategic alignment of ethos, values, and vision aimed at setting a new industry standard.” The integration of Continuum Distilling will create a central hub for CoreBev, bringing production, an R&D lab, a full tasting room and bar, warehousing, an import center, and a co-packing facility under one roof. Stavrianos further revealed, “Our new distillery is more than a production site; it’s the center of innovation where we’ll turn our vision into reality – from concept to consumer.”

Brandon Collins, the founder of Continuum Distilling and the mastermind behind the sustainable distilling methods, will continue to provide his expertise as Master Distiller under a multi-year contract. “The partnership with CoreBev allows me to direct my talent and energy to distilling quality, handcrafted spirits that are both innovative and sustainable while simultaneously expanding our distribution footprint,” said Collins. “It’s been a rewarding experience, and I’m very optimistic about this partnership and my future with CoreBev.”

This is CoreBev’s second notable M&A venture, coming two years after the acquisition of The Cocktail Chemist Bev Co, founded by Dimitrios Zahariadis. Zahariadis, COO of CoreBev and a Waterbury native, instrumental in the Continuum transaction, expressed his enthusiasm: “It’s a proud homecoming, merging the art of mixology with the science of distillation in my own hometown.”

The Series A funding shows investor confidence in CoreBev’s potential for growth and dedication to responsible production. This acquisition strategically positions CoreBev to capture substantial market share, appealing to a consumer base that values environmental sustainability as highly as taste and quality. It also provides distributors with a diversified portfolio of spirits and ready-to-drink beverages.

“We’re not simply adding products to our lineup, we’re thoughtfully creating never-before-seen spirits and beverages that consumers can get excited about,” stated Stavrianos, hinting at exciting products in the pipeline. “With Continuum’s distillery as our base, the possibilities are endless.”

About CoreBev:

CoreBev is a dynamic beverage company revolutionizing the alcohol industry with innovative and cutting-edge beverage brands. With a focus on high-growth and upward-trending categories, CoreBev is poised to become a major player in the alcoholic beverage industry through a mission to drive growth, capture market share, and lead the way in alcohol innovation.

About Continuum Distilling:

Continuum Distilling, based in Waterbury, CT, is renowned for its commitment to sustainability and innovation in spirit production. By repurposing beer byproducts, Continuum crafts exceptional spirits that reduce waste and offer unique flavor profiles, setting new standards for eco-friendly production in the industry.

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