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CoreBev Launches Connecticut Distilling and partners with Brooklyn-based startup BlockApps

Press Release | Waterbury, CT

CoreBev, a Connecticut-based alcohol manufacturer, announced today the launch of Connecticut Distilling, a new craft distillery founded by Stelios Stavrianos and his team.

Connecticut Distilling will produce a range of premium craft spirits. Stavrianos, a Greek-American entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience across the hospitality industry, is recognized for his commitment to excellence and drive for innovation.

“The entire team is thrilled to launch Connecticut Distilling," said Stavrianos. “We’ve been at this process for over 18 months. Our focus is on creating a portfolio of exceptional, never-before-seen spirits and beverages that consumers can get excited about. With BlockApps' cutting-edge technology, we can offer a brand new level of engagement to our customers with an unparalleled experience."

In a groundbreaking move for the spirits industry, CoreBev has partnered with BlockApps, a leading blockchain solution provider, to offer access to casks during the aging process.

"We're excited to be at the forefront of bringing technology and innovation to the spirits industry," said Kieren James-Lubin, President and CEO at BlockApps. "Our partnership with CoreBev and Connecticut Distilling will set a new standard for empowering individuals with the opportunity to engage products in ways that were previously not possible."

Connecticut Distilling's inaugural collection with BlockApps has already sold out, but additional limited releases are in the works. The casks will be available through BlockApps' Mercata Marketplace.

In celebration of this partnership, BlockApps and CoreBev will be hosting a private event at the historic TwoFortyThirty. Originally constructed in 1894 as one of the four original NYC Fire Patrol Stations, TwoFortyThirty once stood as one of NYC’s vital guardians. Today, TwoFortyThirty stands as a sophisticated sanctuary — a venue where experiences unfold and individuals are inspired to innovate.

For more information about Connecticut Distilling and to stay updated on product releases and events, please visit,, or follow us on X, Facebook, Discord, and Instagram.

About CoreBev: Founded in 2012 and driven behind a creative force of food, beverage, and hospitality experts, CoreBev is a dynamic beverage company revolutionizing the alcohol industry with innovative and cutting-edge brands.

About BlockApps: BlockApps is a pioneering blockchain solution provider, bringing tokenization of real world assets across various industries to build secure and transparent applications. Their cutting-edge technology enables users and organizations to streamline efficiency, enhance traceability, and foster trust as never before.

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